Courmayeur summer overview.

Now hereís something I simply cannot figure out. Why Courmayeur is not the most ravingly popular summer destination in the Alps. Sure the Mont Blanc resort is full during July and August, but who in Italy isnít? But now, or in late June, early September or any other time except when the Italian masses descend or rather ascend on Courmayeur, Monte Bianco, you may think that you are in a ghost town. Ahhhh but thatís just what I want you say; a ghost town with class, atmosphere, great accommodation possibilities, great dining, a host of activities and Mont Blanc, Europeís highest mountain.

Grand Cour Maison

Hotel Berthod

Dolonne Hotel

Well valued viewer you will find all of the above in, near and above Courmayeur. This Italian resort is found just through the Mont Blanc tunnel and makes a great place to stop for a few days if you are touring Italy. There is a charming atmosphere about the village. Cruise the high street or sample the activities whatever floats your boat on holiday.

Hey you want a great suggestion? Try the cable car Funivie Monte Bianco in Val Ferret. This will whisk you all the way to Point Helbronner at 3462 meters. What scenery from there. What a view! The Matterhorn, The Monte Rosa, The Gran Paradiso; heck on a clear day you can see forever. And, believe it or not thereís even a restaurant there if height makes you hungry.

A similar but less daunting (height wise) experience is available in Courmayeur. The first 100 person cable car in Europe should take you to the outdoor swimming pool on Plan Checrouit, where, if swimming at 2,000m plus is not your cup of tea, you can have a real cup of tea in one of the nearby restaurants. I am not sure if the cable car is open or closed for maintenance at the moment, best to check.

Historically Courmayeur was, even in the 19th century, considered the European capital of alpinism and mountain touring. Imagine what awaits today what with the proliferation of world class hotels and facilities. And we have already mentioned what passes for the high street. havenít we? The Via Roma is full of world class brands at world class prices; with many of the visitors too, world class.

Courmayeur has its-shall we say-satellite villages which are worthy of consideration both as a daily look-in and a place to base. We have already mentioned Dolonne of course, but one cannot miss Morgex, La Saxe, La Palud, and othes. Courmayeurís attractions do not depend solely upon Courmayeur or Mont Blanc for that matter.