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The Courmayeur Travel Network (CTN) is made up of 9 domains.
The leader, the most and valuable in asking price and  holding the highest visitor count of the nine is www.courmayeur.com. Does it make money? Yes it does but the entire network is capable of earning more, much more.

Visits Courmayeur.com attracts and ranking on major search engines.
In January of 2011 Courmayeur.com drew more than 20,000 visits and more than 105,000 page views. That works out to about 7,000 visits daily. This could rank it as attracting close to 2,500,000 viewers annually, but letís not forget that Courmayeur is based almost entirely upon its ski season. Except for two summer months that attracts mostly visitors from other parts of Italy, the hotels, all but very few, remain closed. Of course Courmayeur.com is also ranked highly, often in the first position of many search engines. Courmayeur Accommodation also ranks on the front page of Google, as does Travel Courmayeur.
Our partners, Booking.com make a lot of money from room sales.
Courmayeur.com has three hotels offering direct, commission-free reservations. All of the remainder is handled by ATN partners, Booking.com. Of the three advertising hotels, very few (if any) are made by Booking.com, however all of the others are. This counts for a large part of the income from the domain. We can prove it; we can show you, but real interest would have to be shown. Advertising sales and Google ads make up the rest. It is interesting here to note that the Courmayeur Travel Network has had no one selling ads on any of the CTN domains. Repeat no one, the network is poised to increase to a much better profit, no matter which route any new owner would take.

Courmayeur.com and Internet longevity.
One could make a really valid point for how long
www.courmayeur.com  has been on the Internet. Wow, it is a long time. What was it, 1996? And Courmayeur was featured in Euroski Magazine since 1978 it converted around 2002. Thatís more than 33 years promoting Courmayeur. Wow!

All of the domains listed below belong to the Courmayeur Travel Network.
Heck we even cater to those that spell the name wrong. Are they all as big and strong as www.courmayeur.com? No is the answer; but they could be a lot stronger and they definitely are a lot cheaper. Make an offer, now












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